"The Revolutionary Odourless Grease Trap"   


The Renflo Odourless Grease Trap is a unique hermetically sealed grease trap liner, contained in a stainless steel casing.
Ideal for all small to medium size kitchen operations, in the removal of Fats, Oil and Grease (FOGs) from commercial kitchen. food preparation and wash up, waste water discharge.
Renflo the next generation in passive grease traps.

Now available is the UK.

Join the increasing number of satisfied commercial kitchen operators and staff and discover the benefits of the Renflo Grease Trap

Kitchen Operator and Staff Benefits:

Odourless Operation!

Odourless Maintenance!

Odourless Disposal!

Self Maintenance and Replacement!

Professional Annual Contract Maintenance!

More Competitve than your current solutions !

Building Regulations & Environment Complaint!

Discovery the Renflo Benefits: Call 01926 334466

Grease Separator

Grease Separator

European Patent Number
EU 06076127
Tested by the WRc (Water Research Council) Renflo is a revolutionary patent design grease separator and grease trap available now in the UK. Simple installation, maintenance and handling combined with competitive pricing will ensure this innovative fat trap solution becomes the choice for commercial kitchen operators in UK.
Coffee Grounds and Food Solids Trap

Coffee Grounds and Food Solids Trap

European Patent Number
EU 06076127
The Renflo Coffee Grounds and Food Solids Trap utilises the unique Renflo patent design. The hermetically sealed polythene liner continuously removes and traps coffee grounds and/or food solids from your waste-water discharge. Simple installation and maintenance provides an effective and environmental solution removing the risk of harmful build up of solids in your drainage system.