Renflo is an environmentally resposible product, taking Fats, Oils and Greases (FOGs) out of the waste water stream where they do tremendous damage.

Renflos' development team is also testing the use of bio-degradble plastic in its manufacture resulting in a completely green product.

The Renflo development team are in discussions with Aston University, European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) to support the testing of
grease trap waste as feed stock for their biomass thermal conversion technologies.


The grease trap waste collected within the liner is a 'Controlled Waste' as define by the Envoronment Agency. Duty of care requires that your waste is being dealt with environmentally and responsibly please make sure you receive a 'Waste Transfer Note' for its collection. Some of our resellers offer a complete service where they will change your Renflo liner for you and take the full liner away for an 'Energy from Waste' process whereby electricity is generated from the collected FOGs and solids.


Grease traps, fat traps, grease separators and grease interceptor are all terms used for systems which trap and hold accumulated fats,oils, grease and food particles in a container. Renflo has the advantage over conventional "box" and "filter traps" of completely containing the waste in a removal replacement liner with the benefit of hygienic no contamination and odourless maintenance and repalcement.